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Electricity Price Review


The energy procurement by wind turbines in April 2021 reached 9.53 TWh, which was 0.79 TWh higher than in April 2020. Compared to the value from the previous month, the generated electricity is significantly lower by 16.84 % or 1.93 TWh. In addition, the generation from PV systems for the month reached 5.46 TWh and has significantly increased by 32.20 % or 1.33 TWh compared to March 2021. Electricity production from PV systems decreased from the previous year’s value of March 2020, which was 0.86 TWh higher.

Together, wind and solar fed nearly 15 TWh of green energy. The daily maximum (0.91 TWh) was reached on Monday, April 05th, and the daily minimum (194 GWh) on Sunday, April 18th. The highest value of wind production fell on the same day, Monday, April 05th, as the maximum of electricity production by wind and PV. In terms of percentage of monthly production, wind generated 63.48 % of the total combined production from wind and PV. This is below the typical annual average of slightly above 71 %.

Daily negative power prices occurred in April 2021 for the Phelix Day Peak on April 05th (-22.80 €/MWh) and for the Phelix Day Base (-17.00 €/MWh). The maxima for the Phelix Day Base and Phelix Day Peak were reached on Monday, April 04th, at 78.75 €/MWh and 75.67 €/MWh, respectively. The monthly averages were 49.89 €/MWh for Phelix Day Peak and 54.02 €/MWh for Phelix Day Base.

Market and priceDay Ahead - Phelix Day BaseIntraday - stündlich / kontinuierlich
AVERAGE54.02 €/MWh56.12 €/MWh
MIN-17.00 € MW/h-36.05 €/MWh
MAX78.75 €/MWh221.7 €/MWh
Quelle: https://energy-charts.info/charts/price_spot_market/chart.htm?l=de&c=DE&year=2021&interval=month&month=04&zoom=minus

Phelix April 2021

Quelle: EPEX, SPOT, 50Hertz, Amprion, TenneT TSO, TransnetBW
Windstromerzeugung (9.53 TWh)
PV-Stromerzeugung (5.46 TWh)
Phelix Day Peak (Ø 49.89 €/MWh)
Phelix Day Base (Ø 54.02 €/MWh)

Sums of Monthly Wind and Solar Power Generation in the past 13 Months

Quelle: EPEX, SPOT, 50Hertz, Amprion, TenneT TSO, TransnetBW
Wind [TWh]
PV [TWh]

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